Why I am Running

My Presidential Initiative will be to establish an ‘Alternatives at APA’ project, peopled by the young, the diverse, the marginalized, so they can mentor us on the issues while we mentor them to take their place in the organization. 

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I am known at APA for challenging the status quo and helping the association address difficult issues and move forward. As a result, APA stood up for what is right in the interrogations issue, in spite of strong opposition. Now, I want APA members to know that I will bring those same qualities to leading APA into a new era of respect and vigor within the psychological community and the world at large. 


APA has been responding to the membership crisis as if it is a marketing problem, asking how do we deliver value to young psychologists. We need to start over and ask what values will this new, diverse and politically savvy generation of psychologists bring to APA?

Alternatives at APA

“Do you believe that psychology can help change world for the better? If you had no constraints and APA’s resources, what would you do? It’s time to think outside the box. I want to hear from you.