Dear Steven Reisner supporter, I need your help. Many prominent leaders in our field have come out in support of our campaign, but only about 12% of APA members actually vote in the election. Every year, only about 12% of the membership votes in these elections, and those 12% tend to be part of the APA establishment. If we are to continue the changes that we have begun, and restore APA as an organization that we can be proud of, we have to reach members who don’t usually vote; in fact, we need an avalanche of voters.

In our experience, getting out the vote can only be done by getting on the phone and calling members, and walking them through the voting process. We need our supporters to step up now and volunteer to make these calls. That’s where you come in.

We will provide the phone numbers and we will provide a short script. Each call will only take a few minutes. But for us to make sure that the changes at APA continue, we need each of you to step up and help.

Please send an email to REISNERFORAPA@GMAIL.COM to volunteer to help with phone-banking and we’ll put you on the phone bank list. 

Thanks for your support!